IT Infrastructure Support Engineer


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 IT Infrastructure Support Engineer


  • Primarily support the Hungarian operations – warehouse and customer services facility and the manufacturing  facilities.

  • Support the server and network environments – VM ware, Windows servers, SANs, switches, routers, etc.

  • Support PC systems’ and peripheral devices (e.g. printers, etc) in a Microsoft Windows environment.

  • Install, configure and optimise Microsoft Windows operating systems.

  • Support running of Microsoft Office versions 2013, O365.

  • Support running of Web Based applications.

  • Handle client-side and server-side TCP/IP. (including DNS, WINS and DHCP).

  • Handle virus protection activities.

  • Patch new connections via structured cabling.

  • Perform wireless access point/router and mobile device configuration.

  • Understand VPN network.

  • Train colleagues and subordinates where necessary.
  • Preparing necessary reports and manage suppliers as necessary.
  • Purchase, setup, install and/or maintain IT operation and IT related equipment and other office resources.

  • Follow the European IT policies, procedures and standards concerning hardware, software, security policies, software licences and backup control

  • Ensure IT facilities are correctly and made available on time for all new starters

  • Deliver IT induction for new starters (PC policy, email, office, etc).

  • Such other comparable duties as may be required by the Head of Department.


  • English knowledge.
  • Out of hours working may be required.


  • Higher level degree in Information Technology.

  • A minimum of 3 years relevant experience of networked PC support in Microsoft Windows environment.

  • Gained previous experience in a similar role.

  • Good experience of Windows Servers, IIS, Active Directory, Exchange Server, Windows Terminal Server.

  • Some knowledge of VMware virtual environments and VPN networking.

  • Good English and Hungarian skills.

  • Familiarity with multinational companies.

  • Valid driving licence.


  • The ability to develop and maintain safe and ethical work practices for themselves and others. To be Trustworthy, act with integrity and follow accepted codes of conduct.
  • The ability to contribute to an environment of high and improving work standards, to meet and exceed all quality standards placed on them by the company.

  • The ability to add value and provide excellent service to clients, both internal and external whilst applying good commercial practice, identifying and exploiting opportunities to improve profitability growth. Continually seeks ways to improve and reduce cost.

  • The ability to understand and apply the requisite knowledge and skills applicable to their role, whilst demonstrating excellent understanding and practical application of technical knowledge and skills. Generally regarded as a technical expert in their field. Routinely shares their extensive knowledge and expertise with others – in particular with their subordinates.


  • The ability to plan and organise their own work in order to achieve results/objectives. To organise work efficiently so that priorities are met and all responsibilities of the role are met or exceeded.

  • The ability to work co-operatively with others at all times and in all situations for the good of the business. To build a network of good relationship and develop an understanding of the organisation. Consistently keeps other team members informed about progress and developments, and offers support when necessary. Recognises other’s contributions to the team.

  • The ability to use sound and logical thought processes in recommending a particular course of action after identifying suitable alternatives. The employees ability to anticipate, intercept and define problems, and then by using the appropriate analysis and logical thought process can recommend an appropriate course of action.

  • The ability to show initiative, flexibility and drive in their work, interactions with colleagues and others. They are highly self-motivated and always enthusiastic about their work, being highly flexible in adjusting work to ensure that priorities are met.

  • The ability to thoroughly check all aspects of their work. They can be relied upon to consistently deliver correct standards of work. Ensuring all work is checked thoroughly. Their work is rarely incorrect or needs rework.

  • The ability to develop to the business through market, business and commercial awareness. Having an excellent understanding of their own area and the organisation as a whole. Good knowledge of budget limits and looks for ways of increasing value. Interested in overall business performance and the sector as a whole. Shares their knowledge with others

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